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Working Tools

Using Okada America Auto-lube Systems, you will quickly recover the cost of the Auto-lube system by extending working tool and bushing life. Even if you lubricate your breaker manually as often as the manufacturer recommends, most of the grease liquefies and runs out within the first few minutes of operation. Our sophisticated Auto-lube systems supply small quantities of grease continuously while the breaker is being used, resulting in a properly lubricated breaker. You do not have to worry if the breaker was lubricated or not, plus overall grease consumption is significantly reduced compared to manual greasing. Grease output is adjustable to a large extent, which allows the Auto-lube system to be used on all classes of breaker.

Okada systems have Audible Low Level Warning Buzzer and Optional Auto Shut down.

All kits come complete with Universal mounting bracket, hoses, instructions and Carrier Specific Pilot Oil Tees if Carrier Model is specified when ordered.