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Bracket configuration

Your attachment should give you productivity, versatility, and reliability.
A poorly designed hydraulic circuit can cause needless downtime and weak performance. This will then result in headaches and additional, unnecessary costs. Okada America can offer you a properly designed hydraulic kit for virtually all of your needs. Our engineering staff designs and assembles hydraulic kits for dozens of varied applications. First class engineering and first class components mean you will get the best return on your attachment investment!

Bracket configurations

Tubing Heavy-walled (.200") and pressure tested.
Clamps Massive cast assemblies that are custom made for severe-duty applications. Solid steel, no rubber or plastic parts to wear out.
Hoses Premium-quality assemblies- JIC hose ends are commonly available, for easy field replacement if necessary.
Ball Valves Very high pressure ball valves for durability and easy installation and removal of attachment.
Relief Valves Massive, severe-duty, inline pilot operated relief valve ensures accurate setting and trouble-free service life.
Pedal Valve Proportional valve provides superior "feel" (important on double acting circuits), and is extremely durable and reliable, Electrical connections are eliminated Joystick or footswitch controls are available.
Special Components Filters, accumulators, directional valves, flow control valves, 3-way and 4-way ball valves, and other hard to find items are in stock.

Typical Kit Features