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TS Cutter

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TS Cutter series features

360° rotation mechanism

TS cutters are equipped with the ability to rotate 360°. Okada ARTS rotator is standard for TS300RCM & 500RCL and Okada HR rotator is standard on TS610RCL. Free rotation (FR) is optional.

Large cylinder & twin rods

The slim body of the TS system offers good visibility for safe and efficient production. Also, both rods are synchronized to maintain balance.

4-way blade

A wedge shaped blade efficiently transfers cylinder force to the material being processed. The blade is reversible and the full length of the cutting edge can be utilized.

TS Cutter series specifications

    TS300RCM TS500RCL TS610RCL
Approx. operating weight lbs 2926 5610 8690
Overall length inches 81 99 118
Overall width inches 39 48 51
Max. jaw opening inches 14.6 22.4 22.8
Cutter blade length inches 11.8 19.7 24
Press blade length inches 5.9 9.8 11.8
Shearing force, center of cutter blade US tons 215 294 329
Crushing force, center of press blade US tons 122 151 167
Performance inches H6X6X0.3X0.4 H10X10X0.6X0.6 H12X12
inches H10X5X0.2X0.4 H20X8X0.4X0.6 H24X8
Carrier weight range US tons 13-22 22-39 33-47
Carrier pressure set at psi 4000 4000 4000
Recommended oil flow gpm 53 105 105
Oil flow range gpm 26-63 44-116 57-116

The listed specifications assume the use of an Okada universal pin mount rotation system.
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.