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An Exceptional Value

OKADA AMERICA'S Factory Reconditioning Program extends the useful life of your breaker.


Use our reconditioning service and get the peace of mind of a fresh warranty.

Factory Certified Professionals

Use our reconditioning services when your service department is overloaded, understaffed, or whenever you want the assurance that your breaker has received certified professional service

Trade-in Program

Our optional trade-in program allows you to step up to a new breaker with full factory warranty and resulting lower maintenance costs.

Fast Turnaround

Subject to repairs performed, we will usually have your breaker completely reconditioned and back to you within 3 to 5 working days.

Program Benefit

Each reconditioning level includes a flat labor rate and a list of standard parts to be replaced. Additional reconditioning services not included in our standard programs will be also available.

Level 1

Breaker bodies receiving our Level 1 factory reconditioning will include tear down and inspection of all power-cell components, removal and replacement of main body seals and valve body seals.

Level 2

Breaker bodies receiving our Level 2 factory reconditioning will receive all items included in Level 1 plus new bushings, a genuine Okada standard working tool, chisel set pin(s) and spring pin(s).


Taking Advantage of our Factory Reconditioning Service

  1. Notify Okada America of our reconditioning needs by stating the model and serial number of each breaker you wish to have repaired.
  2. An Okada America Product Support Representative will issue you a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) including shipping instructions.
  3. Before shipping the breaker assembly or breaker body to Okada America, it is requested that you thoroughly clean the unit. An extra fee will be assessed if the unit has not been de-greased.
  4. Upon receiving the Okada breaker, Okada America will disassemble and inspect the unit. A quote specifying applicable reconditioning level plus any recommended optional services will be faxed for your approval.
  5. Upon return to Okada America of a signed quote and dealer purchase order number, Okada America will recondition the breaker.
  6. Okada breakers reconditioned by Okada America will carry a ninety (90) day warranty from date of service not to exceed one eighty (180) days from date of return to you. This warranty is subject to the same conditions found on our new breaker warranty. It is required to complete and return our standard Warranty Registration Form to activate the warranty. This form includes documentation showing that proper flows and pressures were set when the breaker was re-installed.

Additional Value Added Options

In addition to the programs described above, Okada America offers the following value added options to minimize your ownership costs and maximize productivity.

Automatic Lube Systems

Lack of adequate breaker working steel lubrication results in premature replacement of upper and lower tool bushings and working tool due to excessive galling of upper tool surface and can cause or contribute to piston damage due to misalignment of tool to piston striking surface. Our lube systems are thorough and economically priced. For a minimal investment, Okada America Automatic Lube Systems can greatly reduce your operating costs by ensuring correct lubrication. Your Okada America PSR or Parts Dept. can recommend the system to meet your needs.

Trade-in Program

Okada America offers a trade-in program for your used Okada breaker giving you the opportunity to trade up to a new or newer model and/or larger breaker. This program applies to both new and factory reconditioned Okada breakers and comes with the added benefit of a fresh new or reconditioned breaker warranty.

Custom Upper Mounting Brackets

Are you adding a quick coupler system to the host carrier or moving the breaker to a different brand/model carrier? If so, you will need a pin specific or blank hook style custom upper mounting bracket for your Okada breaker. We option a wide variety of custom designed upper mounting brackets to facilitate use of your Okada Breaker with many styles of quick couplers. Our Parts Dept. can take care of your bracket needs.